How Much Does Vending Machine Cost IL

In times when distance and isolation are commonplace, small commodities, such as grabbing a balanced meal without having to social distance, are a huge advantage for workers, as they do not need to enter a crowded place and expose themselves just to grab lunch.

These little things will make your employees much happier, and give them advantages so they feel cared for in these difficult times. A little detail that is easy to buy and sustain is our excellent vending machines made with premier technology, variety in menus, and ease of use and maintenance.

We are bold enough to say that we offer the best vending machines for businesses in Chicago, as well as the best vending services in Chicago, but instead of taking our word for it, here is a detailed explanation of the services we offer.

Premium Service at all times

We have equipped our machines with top-of-the-line technology for a friendly user experience, as they are given more choices to pay, such as apple pay and google wallet. As such, we can assure a 100% product delivery, as well as 100% client satisfaction with how easy is it to procure themselves a full meal, all without leaving the office.

Also, as our machines are not closed off, there will be no inconveniences for refunds, stuck products, broken machines, and such. Finally, when it comes to payment, the self-checkout market kiosk does it all for you and gives you exactly what you need at any given time.

A Little Marketplace at Work

Our systems are designed with what we call a MicroMarket, such as the Saffron MicroMarket option. It consists of several refrigerators, open rack displays, and shelves with all that your employees will need, as well as a kiosk with many payment options available. 

This MicroMarket is stocked with goods such as full keto meals, balanced and healthy refreshments, low-carb snacks, coffee, juice, and energy drinks, among others. 

The different menus available have great variety, and you can fully customize your assets to better suit your workspace or business. Vending machines for sale in Chicago Illinois have never offered so much, and with these options, you can replace a cafeteria without sacrificing quality for a quarter of the price.

Attentive maintenance and restocking services

Buying vending machines in Chicago Illinois is only the first step of the setting, as all these commodities need constant restocking and maintenance. As such, we offer continued support for your market for as long as you want, alongside our suppliers.

If anything is amiss, we offer support seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, so you can rest easy, as any faulty unit, complaint, or request will be promptly attended to and taken care of, making sure you get the best service and the best experience.

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